Autumn on Golta, Sotra

Colours, Golta, Sotra

Something between the rocks. Golta, Sotra

Still standing. Golta, Sotra

Kingdom of rocks and stones. Golta, Sotra

The Stones always looks nice, Golta


Sunset on Turøy

After sunset. Ågotnes Kai, Sotra

The last “ugly” one

Sotra. Somewhere.

Summer on Sotra

Dark view on Torsteinsvik

Rongesundet bridge


Old stairs – somewhere on Sotra

Every little village

Sotra doors. One of a million

Sotra landscape

Old window

The sky

Sotra colours.

Under the dark

Old but nice

Another Turøy view

Dry dock on Little Sotra

Turøy, Sotra

Little Sotra

Piece of summer in Glasvaer


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